Continuing Education & Workforce Skill Development

Grand County Higher Education (GCHE) was formed out of the need to provide residents a champion to reduce barriers to access to continuing education and workforce training opportunities that do not presently exist in Grand County.

Our Strategic Leadership

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

GCHE will be a strategic leader and partner in continuing education and workforce skill development in Grand County by identifying current and future workforce needs; development and delivery of educational/continuing learning opportunities; developing partnerships with post-secondary and career-technical training institutions; provide scholarship assistance for residents; develop a county wide list of local experts to serve as instructors and trainers; and provide training locations that best fit the student’s needs living in the county.

Our Founding Partners

Grand Foundation
Grand Foundation

It is through the vision, commitment and action of the Grand Foundation Board of Directors and staff that Grand County Higher Education is in place assisting the residents, businesses and workforce. The Grand Foundation turned the need for access to higher education into reality in 2015 through the creation of a subsidiary Grand County Higher Education Board specifically to lead the hiring of a Director and secure funding sources. Grand County Higher Education was a venture within the Grand Foundation until August 2017 when independent nonprofit status was achieved by Grand County Higher Education.

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